Why Vivint Home Automation will Simplify Your Life and Your Security

When you acquire a home security system, you want to make sure that it will keep your family safe and protect one of your biggest investments, your home. Adding options to your security system can enhance the security it offers and make it more convenient to use.


The Vivint Home Automation Wireless Smart Control is a popular feature that many homeowners consider for their home security package. This system offers some of the latest technology in home security, and it helps homeowners to stay connected to their families and properties no matter where they are.

The Vivint wireless smart control is fully automated and can be managed from a smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows homeowners to do most anything at their property including turning on and off lights, locking and unlocking doors, viewing a live video feed from inside the home and saving important video footage if necessary.

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Many families with children who enter their homes alone after school love the added security that this system offers. It allows parents to watch as their children enter the home, unlock the door for them if they have forgotten their key and periodically check in to make sure their children are safe and completing assigned tasks or homework assignments. The system will also notify parents if a door is unlocked or a sensor triggers inside the home which can let them know that the child has arrived at home or alert them if an unexpected visitor comes over.

Busy executives also love the Vivint home automation wireless smart control because it gives them complete access to their home while they are away. If they need to unlock a door to let the pet sitter or a visiting neighbor in, it only takes a simple swipe on their smartphone. If a window is accessed or a trigger is set while they are away, they receive an instant notification allowing them to contact the police and have the problem checked out immediately. This offers peace of mind and home protection from anywhere in the country, instantly.

Vivint wireless smart control

If you have a new puppy, the Vivint wireless smart control is a great option for you too. Checking in on your new furry friend is easy with the instant video monitoring offered from your smartphone, and unlocking the door for the dog walker is simplified too. If you notice your four legged companion is eating the sofa or otherwise doing something he isn’t supposed to, simply call on a neighbor and ask for help, and unlock the door for her when she gets to your property.

The Vivint home automation wireless smart control is a fantastic option for any homeowner, and it does a lot to simplify life and create a greater feeling of security whether you are home or away. Simple to use and easily installed, this is the perfect addition to any home security package making it faster and easier to keep tabs on your home anytime of day or night.

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