What DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket Package Has To Offer NFL Fans

DIRECTV Sunday Ticket

It’s never been a better time to be an American football fan. There are dozens of ways to watch, and some services offer you a wider overview of action across the NFL than ever before. The Sunday Ticket offered by DIRECTV is one such comprehensive service, packing a huge amount of football into a simple, straightforward package.

Features Of The Sunday Ticket

The Sunday Ticket package from DIRECTV offers you full access to HD broadcasts of every National Football League game every Sunday during the regular season. These games are all offered on demand, so you can schedule, start, stop, and replay them for your convenience. The Sunday Ticket also gives you access to some fancy features that make it easy to keep track of the League as a whole, such as a real time tracker for scores and stats. It also gives you the ability to throw eight HD games up on your screen simultaneously with the Mix Channel.

Enhancements Offered By Sunday Ticket Max

DIRECTV also offers an even more impressive football package in the form of Sunday Ticket Max. With this service, you get everything included in the regular Sunday Ticket package plus a handful of dedicated channels delivering exclusive highlights and special options. The Red Zone channel culls all of the scoring plays from Sunday’s game.

The Short Cuts feature condenses every game into a thirty-minute presentation, making it easier for you to keep up with all the plays of the day.

If you’re a football fan and you already have DIRECTV, investigating the Sunday Ticket is well worth your time. It may even be a compelling reason to sign up with the provider if you’re not currently a customer. To learn more be sure to call us at Alpha Home Systems as we’ll be able to give you the best exclusive deals. Call 208.475.4440 today.