Vivint Smart Energy Not Only Saves Lives But Also Saves You Money

Keeping those you love safe and secure is always a major concern and now there’s better way to accomplish that while also saving on monthly energy costs. When it comes to home security we all have different needs and finding a company that can customize a home security package to fit your specific needs is very important.

energy-hand-with-phone3Vivint Smart Energy through Alpha Home Systems is a great option because it offers not only surveillance such as cameras that can monitor every room and area in or out of your home, but also equipment that aids in managing energy ensuring you save money on your utility bills.

For example, Vivint offers a state-of-the-art Smart Thermostat. This device brings everything you need to create an energy intelligent home. It integrates with you Go! Control system, so you can raise and lower the temperature – whether you’re at home or on the go. You can also program it seven days in advance, with different settings for each day of the week.

Using just this one feature has allowed Vivint customers to save significant amounts on their energy bills every month.  Using our Vivint product comparison will show exactly what you get with Smart Energy.

From a streaming video home security system to lamp and thermostat control as well as carbon monoxide signals all controlled through a wireless communication, Vivint has it all.

Vivent works specifically with wireless technology meaning that all of their security systems are completely wireless allowing automatic updates and state of the art protection. Wires not only detract from your home décor but can be a safety hazard and easily be bypassed by skilled intruders so going wireless is safer and more trustworthy and Vivent offers smart control, security and energy options to fit your every need.

With the Vivint Smart Energy package you can monitor your home security system wherever you are allowing you to feel secure and also rest easy knowing that the system is helping to pay for itself through your monthly energy savings.

Vivint offers not only round the clock protection but is always monitoring through days and nights, holidays and weekends they are always there offering emergency response in seconds.

If you are looking to not only protect your family but also save on energy costs every month, you’re sure to find a Vivint Smart system has what you need.

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