New 2-Year Price Lock Offer From DISH!

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To celebrate DISH’s 35th anniversary, effective July 22, we will be launching a new core offer that will give new customers a guaranteed package price for their first two years! This means that qualifying customers will have the chance to choose from our First Year Savings Offer or our new 2-Year Price Lock Offer! Eligible new customers may choose the 2-Year Price Lock Offer through two different credits:

  • Intro Savings credits will be $12, $7, or $0 per month depending on the type of receiver a customer selects (Hopper® , DVR, or non-DVR respectively). o Please note America’s Top 120 Plus customers will receive an additional $5 ($17, $12, or $5 respectively)
  • E-Bill AutoPay credits are $10/mo. for customers who select the E-Bill AutoPay option (formerly Paperless Billing with AutoPay).


Residential and Public/Private customers are eligible and must:

  • Qualify under DHA24 Elite, DHA24 Plus, DHA24 Standard, Flex24, or DBA24 Plus; and
  • Subscribe to America’s Top 120 Plus, 200, or 250 or DishLATINO® Plus and higher. The 2-Year Price Lock Offer will include a guaranteed price for the customer’s monthly programming costs (their core programming package), DVR fee, and Additional Receiver fees. Any costs for add-on programming packages, premium packages (after the 3-month offer ends), Protection Plan (after the 6-month offer ends), and/or applicable Public/Private Business Fees are not covered by the price guarantee and are subject to change.

Customers are eligible for additional new customer offers, including:

  • 4 Premiums Free for 3 Months (HBO® , Cinemax® , Showtime® , DISH Movie Pack™)
  • Protection Plan Free for 6 Months

New Offers available with the 2-Year Price Lock Offer

Customers who select the 2-Year Price Lock Offer may also choose one of the following new offers:

  • Netflix® for 12 Months offer.
  • Multi-Sport w/ RedZone® for 12 Months offer.