DISH Outdoor Portable Satellite TV Antenna & Options


Get TV Service while Tailgating, RVing, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, etc.

The best plan for any customer with a love for the great outdoors is to set them up with the best satellite HD TV at home and on the road! DISH offers the best-in-class equipment and programming solutions for any home or outdoor viewing need. As the outdoor TV-viewing market continues to grow, your opportunity grows right along with it.


What’s your scenario?

1.  Do you want to have DISH as your TV provider at home and outdoors?

Great!  By signing up for the DHA24 plan and the Hopper with Sling® for your home and purchasing a portable antenna and Solo HD receiver for your RV, you can get a great bundled price and have the convenience of all services appearing on one bill.

2.  Do you have a provider other than DISH at home and do not want to disrupt the two-year contract that you have now? Do you want the ability to start and stop RV service when you are not using it and do not want another contract?

Great!  By choosing the FlexTV option you will purchase a portable antenna and the Solo HD receiver. The FlexTV plan is perfect for the customer who does not want to sign a 24-month agreement, wants the freedom to start and stop service as needed, and only wants to pay for the programming you receive because the FlexTV plan has no credit check and no contract.

3.  Do you have a home account and want to add an outdoor solution?

Great! Here are you options:

• You can add a Solo HD receiver to your existing account with the DISH’n It Up plan for just $7 a month.

• You can use the ViP 211 receiver you have at home or purchase a new one and simply connect it to a purchased and activated DISH antenna.


Solo HD receivers:

• Small chassis designed to easily fit in the space-limited RV environment.

• Full support for HD programming and DVR (using optional external hard drive*)

• Energy Star Certified


• No Social Security Number or Credit Check required to activate service.

• No commitment

• All FlexTV plans are billed in advance on a month-to-month basis in 30-day increments

• No activation fees

• No disconnect fees

• No restart fees

• Equipment is owned

Home-Plus-One /DHA24 Plan:

• Single Bill Advantage

• HD Free for 24 Months with AutoPay and Paperless Billing

• Add a 211 receiver for only $7 a month

Keep it simple with our 30-Second Solution…

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to bring the ultimate in HD wherever you go. Choose your programming – pick from America’s best HD programming lineup with DISH. Select your equipment – we have the best set-top box and the best mobile options. All you have to do is choose and we’ll have your service activated in minutes.


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Greatest in Mobile Versatility & Flexibility

The next generation of portable satellite TV antennas, offering live TV viewing for the on-the-go lifestyle! These compact, fully automatic satellite antennas are the smallest of their kind on the market and perfect for RVing, camping, tailgating and more! Also features an optional roof mount!


Watch HD TV Anywhere with DISH

DISH customers can take their great HD TV service anywhere they go with a DISH mobile antenna.  With fast and easy setup, customers can bring their living room along for the ride and enjoy the same great programming they have at home at their tailgate or in their RV!

Current subscribers can add an outdoor TV solution to their current account for $7 per month (HD receiver fee).  Enjoy the same subscription from home in the outdoors!

Add service to home account for only $7/mo
HD with all mobile satellite antennas
No long-term contract for new customers
Lowest-priced HD automatic






DISH Outdoor Advantage

1.  HD ADVANTAGE – Only DISH offers HD with all Mobile Satellite Antennas.  Most automatic antennas use Ku-band frequency, which is only compatible with DISH.*

2.  LOWEST-PRICED ANTENNA ADVANTAGE – Only DISH offers award-winning, best-in-class products at the lowest prices in the industry!

3.  SINGLE BILL ADVANTAGE – Customers who get DISH at home and add a purchased ViP receiver for their outdoor needs enjoy the same great channels they watch at home in the outdoors on a single bill.


  • EASY SET-UP: Powered by a single coax connection through the receiver; receiver requires 110 VAC power.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Customized DISH receiver interface offers quicker satellite aquisition. 100% automatic. No aiming, no pointing, no hassle.
  • SUPERIOR ACCESS: Accesses both Eastern and Western satellites.**


  • AUTOMATIC: No fumbling around trying to find an antenna
  • AFFORDABLE: Tailgater is half the cost of of similar antennas
  • EASY TO USE: Simple user interface makes it easy for everyone to use
  • HD: No one else can offer HD on an automatic portable antenna



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Competitive Analysis


Great value in TV service isn’t just about the price of a programming package. It’s about the total cost and quality of the service you pay for every month. DISH delivers better value than DIRECTV and cable in every area, from price and programming to technology and customer service.


Product available for outdoor segments.
HD with all mobile satellite antennas.
Portable automatic HD antennas.
Lowest-priced HD automatic DISH = $350 for Tailgater / DIRECTV =$699 (SD only)



• DISH’s America’s Top 120 and America’s Top 200 packages promotional price is less than DIRECTV’s 150-channel Choice package.

• A great TV experience starts with the best quality picture and sound. Plus, with DISH, HD is free for 24 months (with 24 month Agreement, AutoPay and Paperless Billing).

• Meanwhile, DIRECTV’s version of “free HD” doesn’t extend to existing subscribers. With that kind of loyalty rewards program it’s not hard to figure out why their customer satisfaction ratings are taking a beating.

• Nothing is better in HD than sports, from hometown hoops to international soccer, DISH delivers.


• DISH is the undisputed leader in satellite equipment design and technology, with the most award-winning HD DVRs in the industry.

• Weighing in at a mere ten pounds, the DISH Tailgater is the smallest portable satellite dish in the industry and is extremely easy to use. No manual adjustment is ever needed for the DISH Tailgater because it automatically locates satellite positions and easily connects to a small DISH receiver and to your TV. The DISH Tailgater was recognized by a panel of experts in the field of technology design and engineering at the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards show in Las Vegas.



Is it true there is no commitment and no activation, disconnect, or restart fees?

Yes, you select the FlexTV plan, there is no commitment required and no disconnect or restart fees. A FlexTV Activation Fee may be charged. When you are no longer using your service you can simply stop paying your monthly bill.

When is the first payment due?

Payment for the first month’s programming is due at the time of activation.

I’m only going to be on vacation for two weeks. Can I pay for a partial month of service?

No. All payments are for 30-days of service at a time.

Can I watch HD while my vehicle is in motion?

Yes, while the Tailgater and Pathway X2 do not support in-motion viewing, some DISH-compatible mobile satellite antennas offer this feature. You can watch HD programming while the vehicle is moving if equipped with a compatible auto-tracking portable antenna. DISH is the only affordable option for in-motion HD.

I have three TVs in my RV. Can I connect all of them?

Yes, you can purchase three HD SOLO receivers to activate in their RV. However, this requires an antenna that can support three receivers.  Call Alpha Home Systems to get setup with the right antenna.

Can I have a DVR?

Yes. You can add DVR service by connecting a USB 2.0 external hard drive to your Solo HD Receiver. A one-time $40 activation fee applies and there are no additional monthly fees. The external hard drive must be between 50 GB minimum and 1 TB maximum and have its own power supply.

Can I get local channels when I travel?

Yes, local networks are available in your home market. Your home market is determined based on your service address. When traveling outside of your home market, you can use an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to view local stations in that area. DISH’s receiver technology will even allow you to import local stations into your programming guide. (If using the ViP 211z model, the USB Digital OTA Dongle is required and sold separately.)

Is installation included?

Yes. Ask a Alpha Home Systems representative for information about installation and equipment costs.

I already have DISH at home. How can I enjoy it in my RV?

You can simply purchase and add a 211k receiver to your existing residential account for $7 per month.

What if I don’t want a 2-year contract?

Solution: Pay-As-You-Go TV (the FlexTV plan) does not require a contract.

What if I only use my RV a few months out of the year and don’t want to pay for it all year?

Solution: With Pay-As-You-Go TV, you only pay for the months you use and there are no fees to start or stop the service. This makes sense and saves you money.

What if I only want HD?

Solution: Great news! All mobile satellite antennas support HD viewing with DISH, and they are priced lower than other products in the market.

What if I don’t have DISH at home, can I still sign up?

Solution: Absolutely! You can still have DISH for your RV and enjoy a no-contract account.

What if I want to be able to watch the local channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX)?

Solution: Sure, it’s great to know what’s going on locally. You can use an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to view free, over-the-air local channels wherever they travel. These include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc. The 411, ViP 211, and 211k receiver models already have an over-the-air tuner built-in, so you can connect an over-theair antenna directly to the back of the receiver. The ViP 211z receiver model requires the DISH USB Digital OTA Dongle in order to connect an over-the-air antenna into the USB port.

What if I only want one bill for my home and my RV?

Solution: I am glad you brought that up. We can provide your home service and your RV service under one bill.

What if I already have DISH at home. Can I use it in my RV?

Solution: Absolutely! You’ll need to purchase and add a Solo HD receiver (ViP 211) to your existing account at a cost of just $7 per month.

Why do I need pay for a receiver? Why can’t I just use my receiver from home?

Solution: Well, if you have a Solo HD receiver (411, ViP 211, ViP 211k, ViP 211z) at home, you are free to use it in your RV. here is no additional cost or purchase necessary, unless you need a mobile satellite antenna.

I like to record. Can I bring the DVR with me?

Solution: We don’t recommend taking your DVR on the road. You run the risk of damaging the hard drive. Additionally, most DVRs do not work best with mobile satellite antennas. Alpha Home Systems recommends that you purchase the Solo HD receiver for your RV. If you add an external hard drive for a one-time fee of $40, you will enjoy DVR service at its best on the road.

What if I already have a Solo HD receiver at home, can I connect it in my RV?

Solution: In order to view satellite TV in your RV, a DISH compatible mobile satellite antenna and a DISH receiver are required.



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